Registered ECE's and Assistants

We accept resumes for Registered Early Childhood Educators who are familiar with emergent programs. We hire for multiple shifts as our ratios increase.

 Contact us today for more information about available positions. Applicants will be kept on file for hire as ratios increase. Those who start with us part time will be first chosen for full time positions. 

Our emergent play program incorporates all your child’s developmental domains. We focus on the whole child – ensuring positive growth.

Our program includes:
*Fine motor development activities
*Gross motor / physical activity
*Creative Art Experiences     

*Literature/ Language
*Science / Math         *Sensory play

*Dramatic Play      *French       *Music

MacFadyen Preschool Academy

665/683 Plains Road East    units 1,2 & 3          905-635-7476

Burlington, Ontario       Accepting Children Infant to 5 years of age



Job Opportunities

Through creative play your children will be experiencing interesting and stimulating activities to enhance their developmental needs.