How to identify a licensed child care facility - Under the Child Care and Early years Act: The green decal seen here must be posted to ensure that parents can easily identify the facility that will best support their child in order to get "the best possible start in life." This decal is is a provincial branding of licensed child care.

The Quality First decal - "Quality First is a quality early learning initiative providing all licensed childcare programs in Halton region with the opportunity to participate in a developmental model for quality improvement. Quality First Believes in;
Developing the professionalism of individuals involved in the care and education of young children
Improving the level of quality indicators in children’s programs
Collaborating with local colleges to promote the professionalism readiness of early childhood educators."

MacFadyen Preschool Academy is dedicated to providing the best quality care for your family!

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Starting September 2014
​Suzie Sunshine will be here weekly to teach music - all children will participate and this service is included in your monthly fee!

​"Day-care learning is a curriculum designed to teach kids sounds, expressions, emotions, music theory, and history."

We offer extended hours to serve you better 7am - 7pm

Payments for services

Payments must be done at the preschool following payment guidelines in our parent handbook and on our rates form. Please note - fees are non refundable and are considered a hold for your child's placement.

Our Program

The MacFadyen Preschool Academy is a regulated child care centre licensed by the Ministry of Education Child Care Quality Assurance and LicensingToronto Region (West), under the provincial Days Nurseries Act; which sets minimal ministry standard and government inspections. We offer child care for children infant to 5 years of age.

Our RECE employees have the qualifications to plan and deliver a high quality play based emergent program for children 0 to 5 years of age. This ensures that your children will be well prepared for their future education in the public sector. The curriculum is planned by our RECE’s through observation, experiences and knowledge of child development. Subsequently ensuring that the program is enjoyable, engaging and entices your children to explore. Supporting this – our environment is inviting, organized and filled with materials children will want to explore.

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum provides learning experiences which covers the entire spectrum of development necessary for substantial growth.

We consider ourselves an emergent curriculum – the children will be exploring through play at their own individual pace. Your children will become motivated to acquire strong developmental skills; while at the same time forming a solid foundation for learning and future academic success. 

We promote social inclusion in a proactive manner. All individuals will be treated with respect and dignity ensuring a discrimination, violent and harassment free environment. We will direct families to societal resources in the community if we cannot meet your family’s needs.

Our positive, stimulating and supportive environment leads a path to enrichment.

What is an emergent curriculum?

An emergent curriculum is a play based program where children learn from hands on exploration of their environment. The children are allowed to spontaneously follow their own path for development. Children are taking responsibility for their own learning, fostered by the RECE / adults in the program.

The curriculum evolves from the interests of the children. The teachers will observe the children’s behaviour – likes and dislikes then set the environment to support their interests. The teachers will coordinate the environment, giving children access to materials which develops those interests. By presenting the tools for play in an inviting manner the children will be self-directed to learn. Skills are built one concept upon another at a pace that is developmentally appropriate for each individual child.  The flexibility of this program ensures that children are respected for their choices and have a voice with respect to their development. Confidence is the result of participation in this curriculum. The exploration is not held by any time line – as long as the children have an interest, the activity will continue. The teacher may demonstrate or model activities then invite the children to participate hands on.

MacFadyen Preschool Academy

665/683 Plains Road East units 1,2 & 3          905-635-7476

Burlington, Ontario       Accepting Children Infant to 5 years of age


Have you heard the news - MacFadyen Preschool Academy will now have our own Pediatric Occupational Therapist! We are so happy to have the support for families when the gap in Regional services becomes too wide! Along with our Speech and Language support we are able to fully service the children in our care in a professional and effective manner. Further information will be forthcoming as we implement our new service, which will include teacher training and support in the classroom.