Sensory Fun!

Creative Experiences 

Today we chalked on the floor - because we wanted to - and we can!

Deciding if we like snow! LOL

‚ÄčApple Farm Trip

We Had a family style Turkey dinner!

Where else can a Princess play scoopball inside on a rainy day?

We Provide a fun and inviting experience inside and out!

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Our rear playground! Looking fun!

Open areas to gather and play!

Great for gross motor and cognitive activities - they get us thinking and moving all at once.

Sensory table - water - sand - and perhaps something slippery and slimy inside!

Indoor Gross Motor toys - rainy days won't keep us down! A few more items added.

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MacFadyen Preschool Academy

665/683 Plains Road East    units 1,2 & 3          905-635-7476

Burlington, Ontario       Accepting Children Infant to 5 years of age


Music with Suzie Sunshine

Suzie will be a part of our regular weekly program!

2014 Here we come!

 Christmas Party!

    Reptile show!

We made Mommy some giggles for Mothers Day! :)